00303aWhen: 28 March  2015, 14h (2pm)

Where: Paris Gare de l’Est

Hare: Running Commentary

Beer & Bouffe : Running Commentary

Meeting point: meet in front of the station by the 3 red awnings marked “Les Salons de Relais”

How to get there: Metro line 4,5,7 Gare de l’est



PA00079920_-_Sainte-Chapelle_du_Château_de_Vincennes_(gargouille)Experienced Hashers could argue Château de Vincennes is a quite conventional venue but this edition was a special one combining usual trail finding and map orienteering . A magnetic compass would have been probably useful if we had knew before !

To get to the starting circle was the first challenge as there was none and three different addresses indicated : default address map on Meetup, right instructions on the PH3 web site and additional instructions from the hare to meet at drawbridge.

Most of you passed the test , except Just Xavier who joined us too late for the running pack, and the GM announced the further challenge of the day.

Our Hare Ossama bin Hashin’ , who laid the trail the day before had an unplanned travel and only left a map and some instructions to the Anarchist .

So a good turnout of 13 hashers with two visitors from Sweden on a hash tour Just Amanda and Just Johanna, Crack Climber from Montana and some Meetup new recruits Just Olivier and Just Jonathan from Manchester decided to take  it up .


Ossama Bin Hidin’ pretended the trail was well laid with 2kg of flour for 13k where the usual average should be between 6 to 8kg for this distance , but confessed unspotted change of directions and missing flour in some parts .

The less adventurous took the map for a gentle walk , led by visiting GM from Sans Clue Hidden Asset , at least Sleeping Sex would not be responsible this time from missing the beer stop ! Anyway we miss you .

20150314_14480720150314_145031The wildest followed the GM to the drawbridge to start the trail . We were supposed to find some flour left of the castle but we had to go to Parc Floral, 1k from the start to find the first flour signs , which raised the enthusiasm of the pack.

And we entered the alleys of Bois de Vincennes .

We thought the absence of flour at the beginning was just a bad souvenir but rapidly we lost the trail.

The Anarchist had a magic card , the trail map and the jog tracker live map , so to reorient the pack in the good direction.

Sparkle was caring of Twinkle to avoid a search rescue in this confusing trail.


Then the FRB Just Jo, Just Olivier and Sex Tourist took command of the pack.


20150314_14583520150314_152129We passed the horse’s club , the first clue given by the missing hare and rapidly found the second clue the homeless shelter .

20150314_150251Between the two we were urged to breath and walk , and Naughty Ways was ok with this idea.

20150314_150528We were then looping around close to Lake Daumesnil and decided to reach the lake for the 3rd clue the Buddhist temple and we found the trail but in the opposite direction and had to go backwards and rapidly get lost by looping a 2nd time close to the lake.


My jogtracker map can confirm as it was looking like a “pâté” drawing .  The Sparkle used his inherited Maori sense of orientation as even the GM was lost on reading the map !


We lost anyway Socks and Roses and later Running Commentary but were below the accepted loss rate so we decided to continue and just had the courtesy to indicate the beer stop venue.

20150314_155756Finally Running Commentary was the first to reach the beer stop, followed by the walkers who had also to loop around and last but not least by the brave hashers craving for beer .

Then it was time to leave the walkers to their destiny while the remaining pack of runners took the walker’s trail reverse and got lost again at the lake de St Mande , calling for rescue to the GM.


After regrouping we headed in direction of the Château , ignoring the walking trail and were looking for the gargoyles ( see 1st picture ) we found on The Sainte Chapelle roof.

And back to the start for the On In Circle where Sparkle our returning RA of the day took command of the circle .

The GM was called in the middle to replace the missing hare Obama Bin Hashin.

20150314_17131020150314_171044 We honoured our Swedish blonde visitors Just Amanda and Just Johanna , Crack Climber apparently delighted from his romantic walk, our two new virgins Just Jo and Just Olivier , who actually were also FRBs , quite a good start , chaperoned by Sex Tourist.

Socks find also his way back as official DFL  and Egg spurt punished for his very late coming .

A snoring (male ? ) version of the hash hymn concluded the circle .


It was party time for some more beer drinking and snacking.

After these 4 hours experience, part of the pack decided it was too short to leave and joined a pub for an On after.

Thanks Ossama for disorganising this, it was perfect !


On On

The Anarchist



PA00079920_-_Sainte-Chapelle_du_Château_de_Vincennes_(gargouille)When: 14 March  2015, 14h (2pm)

Where: Bois de Vincennes

Hare: Ossama being Hashing

Beer : The Anarchist

Meeting point: the square close to 7 avenue de Nogent -94300 Vincennes

How to get there: Metro Chateau de Vincennes – line 1- Exit 6


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PHHH Run 879 Chateau de Vincennes

Saturday, Mar 14, 2015, 2:00 PM

Chateau de Vincennes
2 ave de paris, Vincennes Vincennes, FR

7 Hashers Attending

Tired of running alone along the lake Daumesnil . Join us for a superb trail in the Bois de Vincennes. Walkers are welcome .Our Hare : Ossama Being Hashing5€ fee for beer and snacks

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This memorable journey in the 13th arrondissement started by a 20150228_093918Qi Gong demonstration in the Parc de Choisy where I hid the beers for the beer stop.


It continued by trail setting in the sunshine for the next 13 k and was followed by a Chicken Imperial with soya and peanuts sauce, served with rice noodles and Jasmine tea to recover before the circle.


10 hashers including the hare were present , 4 walkers and 6 runners , most of you new to the Paris Hash or long term returnees and thanks to Meetup referrals .


I am making a plea to experienced Paris or Sans Clue hashers  . Those new recruits need proper education in flour sniffing, singing, and drinking !


The hare “The Anarchist” gave the usual instructions . Sleeping Sex was denied the right to hold the map and Just Lindsay took command of the walkers group, chaperoning a young couple Lexa and Just Antoine .


The runners were led by Dirty Rags from Guangdong who was eager to discover a city run , quite different from his usual trails in the the jungle forest with false trails leading to nowhere.


Ossama being Hashing , a long term returnee from Paris hash , only 6 years pause without remorse …………., was already finding his marks and organising the first check point searches demonstrating his ability to delegate for finding the false trails .



20150228_142541Dirty Rags was already on his way for the first check back, which all the pack enjoyed to discover the nice houses in the alley close to Parc Montsouris.

Just Vlad aka Shitty Pants from Romania was already demonstrating his ability for walking the running trail .

20150228_144406He found a chatting partner Socks and Roses for the next 12 k …….


We rapidly ran across the boulevard for a discovery of the gardens of the “Cite Internationale universitaire ”



Socks and Roses ankles began to suffer from hip pain and he requisitioned the scooter of Ossama’s son



20150228_14522320150228_145031We reached the Charlety stadium for a gentle training session around the tracks .

and had a group picture at the first hash view .


The next kms were stretching the pack between the FRB Dirty Rags and the chatting DFL Chitty Pants and Socks and Roses .


Just before arriving at Porte de Choisy , the pack dismantled  . The hare, caring for the DFL, lost sight of the upfront squad .


They had plenty of time to discover the crowdy shopping malls of China Town and get lost underneath the buildings of the Olympiades esplanade .



The hare desperately20150228_154122 tried to locate them and had to go back and forth and was resigned to have lost enthusiastic hashers transformed into dim suns or sushis ….


The Anarchist  reached the beer stop and find the first survivor Dirty Rags . The walkers had found the beer , Socks and Roses managed clip clopping to reach the pack and by the miracle of internet the rest of the pack called the GM for rescue .


After a few beers , we finished the last park of the trail exploring the charming strets of La butte aux cailles and after the last stairs , the parc Montsouris was in sight for the final circle .


Ossama B H  did his best as RA for the day and promised he will learn a hash song everyday for the next run !


The prize for late comers was given to Saving Ryan’s private and his half who managed to find the trail alone , the beer stop without beer and up towards the circle . Hurrah for these determined hashers and for the hare who laid the trail .


The hash hymn concluded this superb day .


20150228_162807On On and Happy New Year of the Goat .


The Anarchist


When: Saturday, 28 February 2015, 2 pm

Where: Parc Montsouris

How to get there : RER B – Station Cite Universitaire, follow flour signs towards the Parc

Hare : The Anarchist

Beer & bag check : The Anarchist

Theme: Let’s celebrate the Chinese New Year , the year of the Goat . We will start from Parc Montsouris and discover places of Paris 13th you have probably  never been . A lot of animation and red colours at this festive period .

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PH3 – Run 878 Parc Montsouris – Chinese new year celeb

Saturday, Feb 28, 2015, 2:00 PM

Parc Montsouris
entrance, behind the RER station Cite Universitaire Paris, FR

1 Hashers Attending

Hare:  The AnarchistHow to get there: RER B  – Station Cité Universitaireor Tram T3a Cite UniversitaireThere will be a running and a walking trailLet’s celebrate the Chinese New Year , the year of the Goat . We will start from Parc Montsouris and discover places of Paris 13th you have probably  never been . A lot of animation and red colours at…

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20150214_143728For this Valentine’s run our Hare French Kiss prepared a superb trail in the unknown Parc de Saint Cloud, unknown because most of you just know the terrace gardens above the Seine .

But there is a huge forest area going up to Marne La Coquette , the walkers can testify but let’s go from the start.

Special X & Y checkpoints to day but sadly most of the hashers were celebrating at home or had the flu ….

20150214_142938Anyway the rather small but determined pack regrouped for a selfie and we  split equally into walkers Margo PG , What’s his name  and runners.

The Anarchist followed the Hare French Kiss for a special private training session for the “cross du Figaro ” !

Despite careful instructions from the hare the walkers ignored them , took probably the wrong map and meticulously followed the long and windy runner’s trail , up to the point where they were totally lost !!


Hash is always a challenge and an adventure but chatting with a nice lady always a reward .

Her Prince Charming had the delicate attention to offer a relief at the Marne la Coquette railway station to avoid another long walk back and after one train stop they finally arrived at the Saint Cloud station .

20150214_152631Meanwhile The Anarchist and French Kiss were keeping on seizing the way with enthusiasm and curiosity.

20150214_162337Curiosity for arts and divine creature …..

The sunlight between the trees , the shiggy trails, some black crows eating the moist flour and my private coach asking not to slow down the pace to meet the walkers at the beer stop .

20150214_155602But as mentioned above the walkers were at the totally opposite side of the forest and we had to drink to their misfortune the two of us at the wall named Chalet de l’Oasis.


Last part of the run was also the opportunity to run across the gardens and the vestiges of the former Château royal

20150214_162122And gently we followed the On In sign while heavy clouds were announcing the short coming rainfall .

20150214_173212We joined the walkers for a brief circle and drove to French Kiss family nest with Anaconda and the kids for a well deserved beer and a home-made Chili con carne .

May the hash go in peace !


The Anarchist

imagesWhen: Saturday, 14 February 2015, 2 pm

Where: Parc de Saint Cloud

How to get there : Take Tram Line 2 to Parc de Saint Cloud station and follow the flour signs

Hare : French Kiss

Beer & bag check : The Anarchist

Bouffe : French Kiss Chili Con Carne , MMe Besson sauce

Theme: We celebrate the Valentine’s Day , our hashy way  – Wear pink or red dress , T shirt , hearts and love kisses

Please register on Meetup 



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