When: Saturday 24th February, 2 pm

Hare : Running Commentary

Beer : The Anarchist

Where: exit Metro Abbesses ( line 12),

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When: Saturday 10th February, 2 pm

Hare : Wham Bam!

Beer : The Anarchist

Where: exit Metro Sablons ( line 1), South exit

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st ambroise

When: Saturday 27th January, 2 pm

Hares : Microscopic

Beer : The Anarchist

Where: exit Metro Amboise ( line 9)

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When: Saturday 13th January, 2 pm

Hares : Microscopic & Cougaroo

Beer : The Anarchist

Where: exit Metro Poissonnière ( line 7)

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Paris Hash vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année.

Best wishes from Paris Hash

We hope you will find the right trail to happiness and success.

Regular bi-monthly  exercise is recommended with Ph3 in 2018 to avoid false trails and check backs.

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The Anarchist


grande-roue-paris-concordeLet’s celebrate last run of the year with the Paris Hash and last year with the Grande roue at La Concorde

When: Saturday, 30 December 2017, 2 pm

Where: Metro Concorde (line 1-8-12 )

Exit rue de Rivoli galerie nationale du jeu de paume musée de l’Orangerie

Hare: The Anarchist

Beer Champagne down down at the bottom of the Grande roueanimated-uncorking-champagne

Bouffe Foie gras and toasts

Come over

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joyeuses fetes

Just to remind you Paris and Sans Clue mismanagement invite you at the X Mas party starting around 8pm, Saturday 16th December

Click on the doodle to confirm for last seats

The menu includes vegetarian and fresh fish options on top of beef and veal saute

For the attendees dress smart, wear a hat and before grabbing your champagne flute, say hello to the Hash cash to pay your share.

Save a few bank notes for after dinner draught beer. I tried the bière d’abbaye I recommend.


We will skip the date for Ph3 run.

Some of us will attend the Xmas Fonty run. Rer D Bruno Gironville or car sharing from rer A La Varenne Chennevieres 10.15am

Send me a mail to parish3.gm@gmail.com for more details

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The Anarchist