When : 14h, Saturday 26 September
Where : Porte Doree (metro line 8) , follow flour signs
Beer : The Anarchist
Live Hare, Live trail

Have a beer under palm trees should be a good excuse for joining , walking and running for the more adventurous
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Paris Hash House Harriers – Sans Clue Hash House Harriers http://meetu.ps/2NP2k2



When: 12 September 2015, 14h (2pm)

Where: Paris 17th

Hare: Hang So Small

Beer : The Anarchist

Meeting point: exit Metro Station La Fourche

How to get there: Metro Line 13,Station La Fourche

Note this is an A to B run, no bag drop

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PA00079920_-_Sainte-Chapelle_du_Château_de_Vincennes_(gargouille)When: 29 August 2015, 14h (2pm)

Where: Bois de Vincennes

Hare: The Anarchist

Beer : The Anarchist

Meeting point: the square close to 7 avenue de Nogent -94300 Vincennes

How to get there: Metro Chateau de Vincennes – line 1- Exit 6

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When: Saturday August 15th 2pm
Where: Paris – The Highlander pub . 8 rue de Nevers, 75006 Paris

How to get there : Pont Neuf Line 7 or Odeon Line 10 & 4 or Saint Michel line 4 & RER B & RER C

On-on: The pack can regroup at the bar of Highlander at 2pm  for beer starter

Choose your hare !

Directions : A to B run from Highlander to The Lizard Lounge 18 Rue du Bourg Tibourg, 75004 Paris . You may have a stop at Paris Plages .

When: Saturday August 1st, 2 pm

Hare: Just Jean Marc

Beer  : The Hare will need help

Where: Paris Porte Dauphine

How to get there : Metro Line 2 Direction Porte Dauphine to terminus or RER C1 Avenue Foch

20150718_15203220150718_153204A good attendance of 25 hashers (19 runners 6 walkers) including 2 virgins, 3 visitors from
Azerbaïjan (Baku kennel) and 1 visitor from Japan (Osaka kennel)
Run was exactly 7 km

20150718_153212Up my Ass showed up but managed to run back up the entire run and catch
up the pack exactly at beer stop time, then he RA-ed brillantly : it was
mentioned we were not worthy


For PH3’s 888th run, almost each hasher was given a Banco-type Gambling
scratch-ticket : a whopping 9,5 € was won, talk about lucky !

20150718_15594720150718_155947 (1)Hash sins :
– the hare insisted to start almost on time, thus the run starting at 14:20
instead of a scheduled 14:00, which was unusually not that late, let to
several troubles like Up my Ass not catching the start and several
disoriented late coming hashers which were spotted on site, helpless.
– Hairy palms did not only short-cut at some point, he short-cut the WHOLE
– Up my ass show up very late before catching up, but did so only by
dropping his top
– there was a lot of beer abuse and water drinking in the On In, taking the
false excuse of the scorching sun arranged by the RA

On On

Can t Get it up  20150718_153204

When : Saturday July 18th, 2pm sharp

Hare: Can’t get it up

Beer  : Volunteer needed or pub option

Where: Paris La Defense

How to get there : Rer A La Defense exit Rer station , follow flour marks and arrows

This is an A to B run with no bag drop.

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