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Paris Hash vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année.

Best wishes from Paris Hash

We hope you will find the right trail to happiness and success.

Regular bi-monthly  exercise is recommended with Ph3 in 2018 to avoid false trails and check backs.

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Just to remind you Paris and Sans Clue mismanagement invite you at the X Mas party starting around 8pm, Saturday 16th December

Click on the doodle to confirm for last seats


We will skip the date for Ph3 run.

Some of us will attend the Xmas Fonty run. Rer D Bruno Gironville or car sharing.

Send me a mail to parish3.gm@gmail.com for more details

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HHHi Hash Party People

It only comes once a year … the formal pissup also known as the Paris and Sans Clue Hash House Harriers joint Xmas party!🎄🍾


Wanna know more?

The date is Saturday 3rd December, 20h
It’s gonna be in 16th arrondissement of PARIS
It’s hosted chez the Sans Clue bouffemistress extraordinaire PG!
We’re hashers, but for this special night, the dress code is SMART
There will be silly prizes for hashers who’ve been “good”
We’ll all exchange white elephants or silly socks
You get bubbly, a big buffet of delicious Xmas nosh, and as much booze as you need to get you shaking/staggering/wobbling/sleeping/losing stuff

Price is €20 . Wanna come?

Sign up on the doodle/evite:

If you’re bringing your other half, sign up a second time for them.
Please answer by 26th November!

Pay in cash on the night, or prepay at a hash/TNDC beforehand.
Choose & wrap a pair of silly socks or a random present costing max €10!
2 presents if you’re taking care of your other half’s…

During the week before the party, we’ll send you useful info such as the address, how to get there and anything else we’re too clueless to tell you now.

If you’d like to get involved with the food, or helping out before or after the party, please drop PG a line.

Cheers & OnOn

MaBouche & The Anarchist

GMs of Sans Clue and Paris hashes disrespectfully”


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Hi all

This is a combined Hash with Sans Clue Hash house harriers .

On the 29th of October we will welcome a group of 50+ runners/hashers from the Us touring in Europe

So the Paris Hash is postponed by a week and we will return to normal periodicity with the following run on November 5th

We will need your help so please apply to Mabouche or The Anarchist parish3.gm@gmail.com

We need furthermore your presence to disorganise the whole event

For this special event we will or should have plenty of food , beer and wine to celebrate and the fee will be exceptionnally 10€

You are all invited to join at the On After at the pub nearby La Tete à l’Envers, 7 avenue de Nogent ,Vincennes : the whole 1st floor is booked for us ! and the first beer is offered . So don’t miss it.

Of course haberdash will be available for this special occasion : T shirts 15€

and we have a Halloween theme : be Scary and Orange.

When: 29 October 2016, 14h (2pm)

Where: Bois de Vincennes

Hares : Ossama Bin Hashin & The Anarchist

Beer/Wine : Sir Slack

Bouffe Wild Thing + Pub

Meeting point: the square close to 7 avenue de Nogent -94300 Vincennes

How to get there: Metro Chateau de Vincennes – line 1- Exit 6

Please register on Meetup



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Due to popular demand, can I ask you to chose the colour/M-W/sizes available to confirm

Click on the following link

Haberdash order V3

or simply look at the images

For Ladies

Sherbet Lemon Medium0169046_100,  Kelly Green Medium, 0098841_100

Hot Pink Large, hot pink Sapphire Blue Large sapphire blue.jpeg

For Men

Hawaian Blue Medium,0098836_100 Gold Medium,0170602_100 Electric Green Medium, 0098830_100

Electric Pink  Large,0098832_100Lime Green Large,0098842_100.jpeg Desert Sand Large,0098829_100.jpegElectric Orange XLelectric orange.jpeg

email to parish3.gm@gmail.com  15€ per T shirt

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Paris Hash TShirts

Paris hash T shirts are now available in multiple colours and men/women sizes.


First come first served, so join us for next runs.
Price is 15€.
If you are abroad send me an email parish3.gm@gmail.com

We also need a hare for next run, so let me know before next Monday

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Hashers……don’t forget Fonty/Sans Clue Hash/Ph3 weekend in the woods

Saturday/Sunday 5th and 6th March For more info and sign up, click here


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