20131207_190449Hi all,

Due to popular demand we will launch shortly a T shirt and haberdash order.

To keep it simple and cheaper, we will reorder current design and light weight fabrics with new colours . We have some Women models same look and quality.

We can also order some long sleeves, some short pants with logo and some patches with frog.

Now it is your turn to tell us which model/colour/size and in which quantities.

The final order will include some extra quantities but for visitors by priority.

Final order will be placed early October .

So give us a reply to GM contact parish3.gm@gmail.com

For Men

Short sleeve light weight T shirt with Eiffel tower logo on chest and frog large logo on back

Price 15€
Colours/ size
Bottle Green Large
Burgundy Large
Black/Charcoal Large
Red Hot Chilli  Large
Electric Orange Large
Airforce Blue XL
Long sleeve T shirt
Price 20€
Jet Black Large
For Ladies
Price 15€
Hot Pink Large
Sapphire Blue Large
Kelly Green Medium
Short with logo tour Eiffel fron
Price 20€
Jet Black Large
Price 5€
with logo Frog can be ironed or sewn
see colours
air force blue bottle green burgundy charcoal electric orange hot pink jet black kelly green red hot chilly sapphire blue