When: 30 August 2014, 14h (2pm)

Where: Bois de Vincennes

Hare: The Anarchist

Beer : The Anarchist

Bouffe : The Anarchist

Meeting point: the square close to 7 avenue de Nogent -94300 Vincennes (same place as 800th run)
How to get there: Metro Chateau de Vincennes – line 1- Exit 6

Ps : we need hares  , please let us know to Sleeping sex sleepingsex@hotmail.com or On sec WFMT

20131207_190449Hi all,


Due to popular demand we will launch shortly a T shirt and haberdash order.

To keep it simple and cheaper, we will reorder current design and light weight fabrics with new colours . We have some Women models same look and quality.

We can also order some long sleeves, some short pants with logo and some patches with frog.

Now it is your turn to tell us which model/colour/size and in which quantities.

The final order will include some extra quantities but for visitors by priority.

Final order will be placed early September .

So give us a reply to GM contact parish3.gm@gmail.com


For Men

Short sleeve light weight T shirt with Eiffel tower logo on chest and frog large logo on back

Price 15€
Colours/ size
Bottle Green Large
Burgundy Large
Black/Charcoal Large
Red Hot Chilli  Large
Electric Orange Large
Airforce Blue XL
Long sleeve T shirt
Price 20€
Jet Black Large
For Ladies
Price 15€
Hot Pink Large
Sapphire Blue Large
Kelly Green Medium
Short with logo tour Eiffel fron
Price 20€
Jet Black Large
Price 5€
with logo Frog can be ironed or sewn
see colours
air force blue bottle green burgundy charcoal electric orange hot pink jet black kelly green red hot chilly sapphire blue


When: Saturday July 19th, 2 pm

Hare: The Anarchist

Beer  : The Anarchist

Bouffe  : Volunteer needed

Where: RER Saint Maur Creteil – follow flour across to Avenue Noel

How to get there : RER A Direction Boissy Saint Leger , Stop at RER Saint Maur Creteil

On After: Pub le Riaumephotoimages

Adresse : 29 Rue du Pont de Créteil, 94100 St Maur des Fossés
Téléphone :01 55 97 02 99

Well there were two options for the naming of this hash but the tribute to the good turn out due to all our visitors and virgins, all of whom we hope to see again, won out! The losing name of the Delights de la Defense was somewhat tongue in cheek anyway, especially as pre-hash this on-sec/ hash casher/ hash trasher/ bouffe buyer got totally lost in la Defense with a bouffe laden bike and spent an equal amount of time trying to get unlost as it took to cross Paris to get there!

After the pre-hash eploration of la Defense and the panic of last minute baguette buying it was great to see such a large group of old and new faces…. which led to post-hash panic baguette and booze buying once numbers were counted!! However, back to the start and the circle where our hare, Bender’s explanation of hash signs and rules (or lack thereof) left Paris hashers somewhat bemused and our Virgins completely confused by the number and complexity of signs they had to look out for and follow.  But with shouts of “just follow the pack”, “make it up as you go along” and “OnOn” away the pack went into the wilds of la Defense and its surroundings.

Some of our virgins (naming no names Just Raphael!) hadn’t quite understood the spirit of the hash and seemed to think this was a training session for either their next race or for the group as their personal trainer, so thankfully the trail was littered with checkpoints to keep the group together and slow it down. This togetherness was also much appreciated by the Paris hashers who are well known for being afraid of the “otherside” of the peripherique unless the journey takes them so far to the otherside that they are well past the banlieu and into a greener landscape.

This urban run didn’t take the hash past many of the major monuments or well known sites, but the number of checks kept the hash interesting and the check back definitely caused quite a few laughs. The ladies check was especially amusing as not one of the ladies managed to find the trail and it was left to the men to help out.  The beer stop was greatly appreciated and gathered the walkers and runners together for a catch up where Just Vanessa, another virgin to the run enquired if this was the end and nearly fainted in shock when she was told it was only half to two thirds of the way through.. oh how the experienced hashers laughed. And Bender did give us one major monument on our tour with the flour poofs leading the pack up the steps and under the Grande Arche for the finale just before the OnIn.

The down-downs were many and varied so it was a good thing more beer was purchased on the way through….

Virgins – Just Vanessa, Just Raphael, Just Elodie, Just Hanane, Just Nina most of whom were made to come by WTFAMT… such a busy week!

Visitors – Captain Gayhab, Claim to Flame, Cruella, Cooee and Just Stephane

Front Running B*stards – Just Raphael, Just Nina, Captain Gayhab, Claim to Flame, Cruella

Checkpoint Chicks, named and shamed for not actually checking but directing other hashers like traffic police – Naughty Ways & WTFAMT 

Confusing Beerstop (well for the walkers.. the runners had no issues I would point out) – Bender.. and of course when 1 Aussie drinks.. so Captain Gayham, Just Stephane and Cruella joined our Hare

The French for the football – Sleeping Sex, Egg Spurt, Just Elodie, Just Hanane

Short Cutting B*stards – Everyone apart from Just Vanessa and WTFAMT who took every twist and turn just before the beerstop up the ramps and steps

Bad lady check – all the ladies… and Just Raphael who had a sexual identity crisis at the ladies check

No hash name knowledge – Whats His Name and WTFAMT whose virgins were not aware of the use of their names

No hash gear – all virgins and visitors (Ma Bouche where were you? you could have sold some patches!)

RA for the weather – Sex Tourist

The Hare – Bender, and of course when one Aussie drinks… see above for his compatriots

Latecomers – Bender, Just Raphael, Just Vanessa, Captain Gayhab

Walkers.. just because – Sleeping Sex, Just Elodie, Just Hanane

A nicely drunken run with a good OnAfter where a mix of Paris Hashers, Virgins and Visitors meeting up in Pigalle  in various shades of orange for the Holland match.


When: Saturday July 5th at 2pm (14h)
Hare: Bender
Bouffe & Beer: WTFAMT (unless someone with a car can bring beer… let me know before Sat lunchtime!)
Where: Parc du Millenaire, Courbevoie

How to get there: M1/RER A/SNCF/T2 to La Defense Grand Arch (directions and map below…clear as mud)

Exit ‘Grand Arch‘, with Arch on your left & CNIT on your right walk down to the ‘Thumb’; you can’t miss it!

Turn left at the ‘Thumb’, walk up hill to plaza, Direction Leonard de Vinci Universite

Direction Hotel Adagio La Parc [Bender’s Pad]

Bear right, walk on & down stairs [3 sets]

Straight on, cross road, past Hotel Adagio into Parc… et voila!


indexWhen: Saturday 21 June, 17h (5pm) ( beware not the usual hour  )


Where/Meeting Point: Paris 10eme exit Metro line 5 Jacques Bonsergent (between Republique and gare de l’Est)


Hare:  Mabouche


A to ???? Trail

Bring beer,  money and not more that you can carry, as it’s a pub crawl run / walk, Paris, music & beeeeeeeeer!


20140607_144331mapNot deterred by the hectic weather and the far west location, a small pack of determined hashers were eager to run in this unusual part of Foret de St Germain.

The station is in the middle of nowhere but as nowhere is a beautiful forest , it sounds perfect for the hash.

I arrived with the beer load driven by my GPS which neglected the station I drove past and it led me to a tiny road in the forest where I was welcome by three Brazilian enthusiastic girls or shemales ???? and further was stuck in a deadlock under the station.

So back again to see the Brazilians thinking I could be an opportunity but nothing could depart me from by running and drinking sin. Bender green hash outfit led me in the right direction.

Then the two Hares Bender and Shaggy began to draw unusual multiple arrows that indicated the run had multiple options , many times more than the number of FRBs to be true.

The start was a little bit chaotic as we were progressing in the bushes and very sharp nettles that sting the proper way. But where was this dawn forest and large alleys !!!

Finally we gathered speed in the larger paths and test our flair for finding the right trails at the multiple checkpoints, checkbacks and double, triple , quadruple and so forth arrows. Look at the map , why spend much of energy for laying trails to finally make a big loop !!
20140607_15465520140607_154708After 5 k the beer near sign was to be seen and as usual the GM smelled the beer in the bushes to offer it to the pack on behalf of the hares.
Look at these gentlemen not waiting for Just Lizzy to gather with the pack , how rude but we were thirsty . We enquired about the feet of Mabouche wearing her barefoot shoes, apparently compatible with beer drinking which is most important for a hasher.
We had no clue where we were , except somewhere in the middle of Foret de St Germain but knew that probably another 5 k were necessary to get back .
The mise en jambe is always a difficult period with all the bubbles but the long alleys were two tempting not to accelerate the pace . We came across a bridge heavily tagged to the one and unique Hash view point .
20140607_16193320140607_162018As I was alone I thought that the train passing by would be the point of interest but Shaggy pointed my eyes in the right direction for this piece of art : a splendid F… off tag.
20140607_16195920140607_162007(0)Look at these enthusiast fellows at the idea this bridge was the clue for the trail back.
A few more trails and the On In sign was heard from The Anarchist and all the pack regrouped for the circle and the well deserved Kronenbourg.
Mabouche , GM from Sans Clue , accepted to be the RA of the day and and stared a long series of punishments and songs for the SCBs almost everyone, FRBs, almost everyone but Just Lizzy was the only FRBi..
Lack of discipline for hash gear so we collectively decided it was high time to reorder .
20140607_17214720140607_172149Special event to celebrate was 30’s birthday of Saving Ryans Private and a mixture of flour and beer was poured on his head, while we were singing Hashie birthday .

Then came the time for hash hymn sensually interpreted by our guest RA , followed by a great bouffe well hidden in the bushes .

A great thank to Bender and Shaggy for this superb trail and bouffe afterwards .


On On


The Anarchist


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